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Where Is America? 2015

Beyond The Farthest Point
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The Search for

Our America Spirit

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Only In America 2011
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 Our Story


Twenty-six years ago, John Mirassou and his friends navigated a 17-foot boat 6,100 miles, from Ft. Lauderdale to New York to Chicago to New Orleans, by water.  The dream: Travel, water ski and see the good ol’ USA.  What Mirassou and his crew discovered however can only be described as the American Spirit.  Everywhere the crew traveled their fellow countrymen took them into their homes, offering a dry place to sleep, a warm meal, and most of all, friendship.


So moved by the experience, Mirassou wrote a best-selling book about the adventure.  But today readers are asking if the America in the book still exists. Some readers have gone so far as to say, “If you were to take that trip today I don’t think you would find the same America you did back then.”


To his dismay, Mirassou is hearing this sentiment from other places as well. “America just isn’t what it used to be.  Whatever happened to American hospitality?  Stories from the media mirror the sentiment:  Walmart Customer Attacks 100 Year Old Greeter and Study Finds Americans No Longer Care About Each Other.  This constant barrage of gloom has even the most steadfast Americans asking, “Is it true? Is the American Spirit still alive?” 


And what bothers Mirassou most of all, no one seems to be able to answer the question. . . Until now!


Though he is now older and with children of his own, Mirassou has never lost his enthusiasm for adventure.  Mirassou has decided to gather his crew and once again search for the American Spirit the only way he knows how, aboard a small boat.


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